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Local Network Nexus at Birmingham Business School

Posted on 19th April 2016 by Kate Cooper

I’m kicking off the Local Nexus Network meeting at Birmingham Business School today. I’m going to be making the case for thinking tools, ways of asking good questions about the food sector.

Food hygiene in Birmingham – April 2016

Posted on 5th April 2016 by Su Balu

We regularly talk about food hygiene— quite simply because it is so important. The food we eat needs to be safe; if it isn’t people can suffer food poisoning, get sick and, in rare cases, even die.

Referendum briefing paper by Martin Trybus: Access to the EU market after Brexit?

Posted on 4th April 2016 by Kate Cooper

We’ve just published the second of our series of briefing papers on the EU Referendum: The free movement of chocolate: Access to the EU market after Brexit? by Martin Trybus, Professor of European Law at the University of Birmingham. 

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