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Our economic priority: The huge & growing food & drink sector

Posted on 20th September 2016 by Kate Cooper

Our Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) asked us to respond to their draft Strategic Economic Plan 2016-2030. So we did, and you can read what we said here.

Birmingham as a ‘laboratory’: Changing diets, changing landscapes

Posted on 16th September 2016 by Kate Cooper

How are we going to feed the world’s growing population? This is a really hard problem, taxing the brains of leading scientists as well as governments and the likes of the United Nations.

The food crime musical: “What we have now is a way of translating something very important and scary to a lot of people”

Posted on 13th September 2016 by Kate Cooper

Professor Chris Elliott flew over from Belfast to see the two street performances of The Hand That Feeds: A musical about food crime in front of 2.5K people on 14th May, a busy Saturday shopping day outside St Martin in the Bullring.

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