Community food growing in Birmingham – our report just published!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 17.59.47Our report on the state of play with community food growing in Birmingham has just been published here about the 9,000 plus fruit and veg plots in the city.

It says what’s going on, plus ideas for people and organisations who want to get involved in local food growing either here in Birmingham or further afield. Continue reading

How hygienic are food businesses in Birmingham?

Birmingham’s Environmental Health Officers have a responsibility to inspect the hygiene standards of 7,500 food business across Birmingham.

Leaving aside discussion about the scale of this task relative to the size of Birmingham’s Environmental Health team, what do the inspections tell us?

Continue reading

Nutrition and public health

Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

Urban food growing

Food and the city economy

Global food security

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