Food & the city economy: Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities

Infodiagram_contentsWe’ve just published our second report on food and the city economy, Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities. Its contents page replicated above.

We use two new thinking tools to aid decision-makers in Birmingham. We think the city can become a global leader in tackling the economic and social challenges within the food sector — but only with a radical change in decision-making which, among other concerns, recognises the full costs of promoting unhealthy diets. Continue reading

Food Standards Agency: Birmingham City Council audit report

Last April, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) undertook an audit of Birmingham City Council. You can find it on-line here.

The FSA undertook this audit “due to ongoing concerns arising from the Authority’s past and present submissions of key enforcement data to the Agency via the Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System (LAEMS). These issues included concerns around the number of unrated establishments submitted and the percentage of overdue higher risk category “A” inspections”. Continue reading

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Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

Urban food growing

Food and the city economy

Global food security

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