Sugar tax?

The notion of a sugar tax has undoubtedly had impact. But how feasible is such a tax, and what effect would it have? Lawyer Jessica Burt recently wrote a Guardian article A sugar tax won’t work. And here’s why.

Following on from our second report on food and the city economy Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities, I’ve been thinking about two quantitative aspects of the food and drink sector that could possibly illuminate a route to a working sugar tax. Continue reading

Project to raise food hygiene standards in Birmingham

In collaboration with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Birmingham Environmental Health, we’re several months into a project to raise food hygiene ratings in the city.

We’ve begun by targeting care homes, schools and nurseries — and I’m delighted to report, we’ve had several successes! Continue reading

Mapping project

We’re exploring the possibility of a ‘mapping’ project about the market within the food sector generated by the population of Birmingham and the West Midlands conurbation — and what proportion of that market demand could be met by agricultural production in the surrounding shires. Continue reading

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Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

Urban food growing

Food and the city economy

Global food security

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