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Horizon scanning: Short & medium term business opportunities in the food sector

Posted on 19th January 2018 by Kate Cooper

Our horizon scanning project identified five areas of opportunity for business, including local ones here in Birmingham. They are:

Sourcing food products with high nutritional value, and finding ways for buyers to differentiate between them and others

Exporting food and drink products to countries with food system challenges (e.g. safety and trust issues, low home-grown production per capita)

Agri-food sector services in food assurance systems, insurance and legal and regulatory matters

Creation of innovative food offers; e.g. through low-cost venture start-ups such as street food

Development of emerging technologiesranging from precision agri-tools to consumer apps, from sensor systems to big data analytics.

The full report is on line here: Back from the Future: Horizon scanning project report.



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