What we do

Our purpose:

  • To work towards securing affordable access to safe, tasty, healthy food for this and future generations in Birmingham . . .
  • through collaborating with people and organisations who share our values . . .
  • while recognising we are part of a wider global community.

Our values:


  • To hold people, bodies and organisations to account who are not delivering on our purpose
  • To use our independence, supported by evidence and reputation, to inform and persuade others to follow our purpose
  • To be ‘defenders of reason’; we say what organisations or Government cannot or will not say; we do not patronise
  • To influence individuals and communities to understand our purpose at a household, neighbourhood and city level

We have three strategic aims:

  1. To work towards Birmingham decision-makers and its people having greater insight into how people’s choices and food and the food sector change the city and agricultural landscapes locally and globally — and how the impact of our choices can enhance the city’s reputation and well-being
  2. To collaborate with people and organisations who share our values and can add to our understanding of how we can achieve our purpose
  3. To build a sustainable organisation with strong leadership and direction

* * *

You can find our reports and papers here and blogposts here.

We also collate useful publications, which can be found under ‘useful info’ here.

Our Annual Reports and accounts are published here.