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Why & how Birmingham can contribute to global food resilience & sustainability

Yesterday I gave this presentation Global food resilience & sustainability: The role Birmingham can play to the Birmingham Smart Alliance. Continue reading

For every £1 spent on food & drink in Birmingham, it costs the city £0.90

Few realise just how much the dietary effects of the food and drink sector cost us here in Birmingham, as in every city across the UK. Continue reading

Five levers on our food system

Birmingham spends some £3.4bn every year on food and drink, yet the cost of obesity to the city has been estimated to be £2.6bn, with a further £448M being spent here on dealing with alcohol related harm. Continue reading

Our food system as a ‘black box’

Imagine the food system is a black box. You can’t see what’s going in, nor see inside it. But emerging from it are all the food and drinks bought by all of us in Birmingham today.

On the outside are a few dials and levers. You play around with ’em.
Continue reading

Why we need to think differently about our food supply network

Our food supply network is a complex system. And therefore has certain features which we need to take into account when we think about it, or seek to change it. Continue reading

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Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

Urban food growing

Food and the city economy

Global food security

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