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Our food system as a ‘black box’

Imagine the food system is a black box. You can’t see what’s going in, nor see inside it. But emerging from it are all the food and drinks bought by all of us in Birmingham today.

On the outside are a few dials and levers. You play around with ’em.
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Why we need to think differently about our food supply network

Our food supply network is a complex system. And therefore has certain features which we need to take into account when we think about it, or seek to change it. Continue reading

Birmingham: Food futures for us — and for everyone else

Radical changes in our diet could be a major part of us meeting the huge global food security challenges we’re facing.

Yet what the heck is any one of us meant to do? Continue reading

Our economic priority: The huge & growing food & drink sector

Our Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) asked us to respond to their draft Strategic Economic Plan 2016-2030.

So we did, and you can read what we said here. Continue reading

The food crime musical: “What we have now is a way of translating something very important and scary to a lot of people”

Professor Chris Elliott flew over from Belfast to see the two street performances of The Hand That Feeds: A musical about food crime in front of 2.5K people on 14th May, a busy Saturday shopping day outside St Martin in the Bullring. Continue reading

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