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Whatever the scenario, food safety will really matter

You can find all the presentations here from #OurFoodFuture event hosted by the Food Standards Agency on 18th February.

All were interesting, perhaps none more so than Ladislav Miko talking about the scenarios they’ve been working on regarding EU food safety and nutrition in 2050. Continue reading

Sugar tax?

The notion of a sugar tax has undoubtedly had impact. But how feasible is such a tax, and what effect would it have? Lawyer Jessica Burt recently wrote a Guardian article A sugar tax won’t work. And here’s why.

Following on from our second report on food and the city economy Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities, I’ve been thinking about two quantitative aspects of the food and drink sector that could possibly illuminate a route to a working sugar tax. Continue reading

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Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

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Food and the city economy

Global food security

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