Food and the city economy

The food sector is big business in all cities. In Birmingham, as well as retailers selling ~£3bn food to feed us all, there are several major UK food suppliers and distributors here. The city also has a growing reputation as a centre for gourmet food. We have four Michelin starred restaurants plus others offering superb cuisine from all over the world.

Below are our blogposts about food and the city economy. See also useful info on the topic here.

Horizon scanning: Short & medium term business opportunities in the food sector

Posted on 19th January 2018 by Kate Cooper

Our horizon scanning project identified five areas of opportunity for business, including local ones here in Birmingham. They are:

The ‘e’ in “S C A R E D”: Eating

Posted on 11th January 2018 by Kate Cooper

Slide: Eating . . . Everyone is familiar with the mantra ‘we are what we eat’ though fewer, I suspect, are aware of how profoundly a poor diet affects both mental and physical health and well being. Even fewer are aware that we are what we ate.

House Lords EU Committee on Brexit: deal or no deal . . . the agri-food sector

Posted on 7th December 2017 by Kate Cooper

The latest of the House of Lords EU Committee’s excellent reports is Brexit: deal or no deal. One of the case studies,  the agri-food sector, is copied below. A warning: The prospect of no deal with regard to our food supply and the agri-food sector, is scary:

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