Food poverty, food insecurity

Too many Birmingham citizens don’t have access to nutritious food. Some wards are considered ‘food deserts’; i.e. it’s impossible to buy good food locally.

We’re also a city facing significant economic deprivation in many quarters. The rise of the number of food banks is evidence of this.

Below are our blogposts about food poverty and food insecurity. See also useful info on the topic here.

Food poverty, food insecurity? A city level response is possible

Posted on 1st April 2017 by Kate Cooper

During an eight-month project from March-October 2015 funded by Barrow Cadbury, we asked: Is it possible to have an effective city-level response to the drivers of emergency food aid? (The answer is yes.) And, if so, what does it look like?

The risk of food security is real and pressing – food expert

Posted on 28th November 2016 by Dan Slee

Food security is not an abstract issue it poses risks, an eminent food researcher says. John Crawford from Rothamstead, the world’s leading agricultural research centre says that a series of problems are posed to the world by people not being able to source food. The issue is consistently in the top five of issues, he […]

Why is there acute hunger in the UK and what is to be done about it?

Posted on 19th November 2015 by Su Balu

Birmingham Food Council Director and member of the Fabian Society’s Commission on Food and Poverty, John Middleton, has published interesting insights on food poverty in a bmj blog.

Food aid: what we can learn from India?

Posted on 18th November 2015 by Su Balu

India’s Targeted Public Distribution System (TDPS) aims to provide subsidised food to 800 million people – 67% of India’s population, 10% of the entire world population…

A city-level response to the drivers for emergency food aid . . .

Posted on 11th November 2015 by Kate Cooper

Our project report Food insecurity in Birmingham — a city-level response? was submitted it to the APPG on Hunger and Food Poverty at the end of October. They thanked us for our ‘huge contribution’.

Food insecurity in Birmingham — a city level response?

Posted on 16th October 2015 by Kate Cooper

We’ve just published the result of our project on food poverty, a discussion document Food insecurity in Birmingham — a city level response?  We’re keen to get your responses to it. Please comment!

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