Food safety and integrity

The UK has one of the safest food supply systems in the world. We want to keep it that way — from a food hygiene perspective and in tackling food crime.

Our blogposts about food safety and food integrity are below. See also useful info on the topic here.

The food crime musical: “What we have now is a way of translating something very important and scary to a lot of people”

Posted on 13th September 2016 by Kate Cooper

Professor Chris Elliott flew over from Belfast to see the two street performances of The Hand That Feeds: A musical about food crime in front of 2.5K people on 14th May, a busy Saturday shopping day outside St Martin in the Bullring.

Food hygiene in Birmingham – April 2016

Posted on 5th April 2016 by Su Balu

We regularly talk about food hygiene— quite simply because it is so important. The food we eat needs to be safe; if it isn’t people can suffer food poisoning, get sick and, in rare cases, even die.

Whatever the scenario, food safety will really matter

Posted on 2nd March 2016 by Su Balu

You can find all the presentations here from #OurFoodFuture event hosted by the Food Standards Agency on 18th February. All were interesting, perhaps none more so than Ladislav Miko talking about the scenarios they’ve been working on regarding EU food safety and nutrition in 2050.

Project to raise food hygiene standards in Birmingham

Posted on 15th February 2016 by Kate Cooper

In collaboration with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Birmingham Environmental Health, we’re several months into a project to raise food hygiene ratings in the city. We’ve begun by targeting care homes, schools and nurseries — and I’m delighted to report, we’ve had several successes!

Presentation to the winter seminar of the WM CIEH

Posted on 10th December 2015 by Kate Cooper

These are the slides I used for my presentation to the Winter Seminar of the West Midlands CIEH on 9th December 2015:

What works: Regulation or voluntary schemes in the food sector?

Posted on 1st December 2015 by Kate Cooper

We’ve just published this report: What works: Regulation or voluntary schemes in the food sector? 

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