DEFRA’s Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014

DEFRA’s Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014 was published earlier this month — and an interesting read its 60-odd pages are too. In a two-page summary (pp8-9), it gives some numbers about the scale of what it takes to feed 64M people safely and what that impact is, in particular on the poorest of households. Below are listed of the key […]

How important is the food sector to Birmingham’s economy?

What is the value of the food sector to the city and regional economy? What’s its nature? How many businesses are there here, what’s their turnover, how many people do they employ, and where are they in the supply network? We’re commissioning some research to begin to inform us of the nature, scale and value of the food sector here.

Nutrition and public health

Food poverty, food insecurity

Food safety and integrity

Urban food growing

Food and the city economy

Global food security

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