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For every £1 spent on food & drink in Birmingham, it costs the city £0.90

Posted on 30th March 2017 by Kate Cooper

Few realise just how much the dietary effects of the food and drink sector cost us here in Birmingham, as in every city across the UK.

The UK’s food trade deficit . . . & Brexit

Posted on 22nd July 2016 by Kate Cooper

In 2014, Defra’s annual stats reported our food trade deficit was £26.8bn; the UK imported £39.6bn of agri-food products, and exported £12.8bn.

Sugar tax?

Posted on 15th February 2016 by Su Balu

The notion of a sugar tax has undoubtedly had impact. But how feasible is such a tax, and what effect would it have? Lawyer Jessica Burt recently wrote a Guardian article A sugar tax won’t work. And here’s why. Following on from our second report on food and the city economy Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities, I’ve been thinking about two […]

Sustainable Food for Cities? It’s a numbers game, not a community food growing game

Posted on 23rd March 2015 by Administrator

I went to the Sustainable Food Cities Conference in Bristol last week. I’ve written about the thought-provoking session on food poverty I heard here. I had many interesting conversations there, but some of the themes of the conference seemed to me to be wildly off-beam, possibly dangerously so, given the food security challenges we’re facing. Unlike the […]

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