Food and the city economy: useful info

Our blogposts on food and the city economy are here.

Birmingham Food Council (2016) Our response to the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP draft Strategic Economic Plan 2016-2030

The food and drink sector: A briefing paper for the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Council (GBSLEP) January 2016

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Food & the city economy: Tensions, tradeoffs & opportunities

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Coca-Cola & its effects on us and the city

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Perspectives on food and the city economy: The PMCC Framework

Birmingham Food Council (2014) Food and the city economy: An interim report & discussion document

Expo Milano (2015) Guidelines Green Procurement (actually published in 2014; for other Expo 2015 publications see here.)

Grant Thornton UK LLP (2017) FDF Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Mayer, Colin (2013) Firm commitment: Why the corporation is failing us and how to restore trust in it. OUP. (Of particular interest see pp89-94, 97-103, 110-11 & 210 about Cadbury.)

New Economics Foundation (2014) Urgent recall: Our food system under review

Oxford Martin School Programme: The future of food In particular, see Emerging forms of food, consumer behaviour and food governance here.)

Sustain (2014) Planning sustainable cities for community food growing: A guide to using planning policy to achieve strategic objectives through community food growing

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We will add links to this kind of info and relevant datasets over the next few months:

See also some specifics on the matter listed on our facts & stats page.