Thinking differently about obesity

Obesity is a complex issue.  So much so, that Public Health England identify over 100 factors that influence whether or not an individual is obese.

So we thought it would be interesting to start a list of some different ways of thinking about it and tackling it…

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What is obesity?

Is obesity a disability? – the Advocate General offers an opinion (17 July 2014)

Are we addicted to food? – foods with a high glycaemic index activate the brain in a similar way as addictive substances such as heroin

Is it contagious?

Infection with chicken virus adenovirus is connected with obesity

The way we eat

Eating speed matters – it is associated with obesity in pre-school children

Attentive eating – focusing on what you are eating at meal times – can reduce snacking and so reduce calorie intake

There’s even an app for it…

Why diet when you can WIET – An app to monitor and moderate what you eat

Is calorie intake the actual problem?

“Everybody gets very hung-up on fat people but actually the evidence for activity is much stronger” says Birmingham’s new physical activity champion, Dr Ewan Hamnett. 

How to increase activity levels?

Make stairs more attractive – use design to promote health

A role for physiotherapists?


See our list of useful information and resources on nutrition and public health as well:

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