Food Crime Event: Kate Cooper, An overview on how we got here tonight

Food Crime Event

At the end of November last year I met Chris for the first time and heard the expression Food crime instead of Food Fraud – and I committed to helping him give an overview of what a city could do in the face of food fraud.

I went on to arrange a workshop at the via ground which was attended by people from the food industry across Birmingham.

As a result of that various offers came from across the city, from th council and the university specifically around the “Food Crime Intelligence Network“.

And now were here tonight to look at what is happening and the schedule tonight is:

  • Professor Chris Elliott giving a brief update on the national picture as a result of the Elliot Report
  • Nick Lowe, from Birmingham Environmental Health, giving an update on what’s happening locally
  • Break (Supper)
  • Discussion amongst us all about what we can do next locally, and how that will contribute to tackling food crime nationally and beyond.

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