APPG Report: Feeding Britain – A strategy for zero hunger in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The important All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain report was published yesterday.

You download it from this APPG website here, where you can also read about the inquiry itself.

Geoff Tansley has written this blogpost about the Report, which includes a recording of the launch in Parliament yesterday.

Dan Crossley has written this blogpost about it on the Food Ethics Council website.

The BBC’s report is here, ITV News here, a Guardian editorial here, an Independent article here, the Daily Mail here, The Daily Telegraph here, the Belfast Newsletter here and a Huffington Post report on Justin Welby here.

See also Jack Monroe’s blogpost: The longer we argue, the longer the queues at the foodbank get.

* * *

There are more papers, reports weblinks et al about food poverty and food insecurity here.


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