Learning how to not waste food

I attended a Love Food Hate Waste training course recently.

Their website has a host of information about avoiding food waste, but I thought I’d share the tips that resonated most with me…

  1. Putting a piece of kitchen roll into an open bag of salad or spinach extends its life enormously – I’ve tried it, it’s amazing!  Why isn’t one included as part as the packaging?
  2. Technological advances mean that many foods are best stored in the bag they come in – perhaps I ought to pay more attention storage advice printed on packaging?
  3. If your fridge temperature is 0-5 degrees (as recommended) rather than 7 degrees (which is typical) will extend the life of a pint of milk by 2-3 days.

In addition to the key strategies outlined below, of course:

Diagram showing ways of reducing food waste


Some other important stuff:

LFHW have developed a resource pack aimed at people with lower levels of literacy and numeracy and resources for schools.

LFHW are running their awareness campaign in Birmingham until December 2015.  This includes:

  • food waste awareness training
  • cookery classes

If you want to find out how to get involved contact Emma Barnett 

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