NEC sending their food waste for anaerobic digestion

The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) produces around 120 tonnes of food waste a year.  This is set to become the source of power for Severn Trent Water’s sewage treatment works at Coleshill.

The anaerobic digestion plant at Coleshill was built in 2014, and Severn Trent plan to build more.  This gives Birmingham businesses another option to consider for disposing of their food waste – but what are the other options? We know that most domestic food waste in Birmingham goes into black bags to be incinerated, but what does happen to non-domestic food waste in our city?

And whilst anaerobic digestion is a Good Thing, it is only really good if the ‘waste’ it receives is food stuffs that really couldn’t have been consumed or redistributed.  120 tonnes is a lot of food waste…



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