2025: 10 Years from now? What could it be like?

Table Conversation: May 2025 may seem an age away but where will we be in terms of Food Poverty in Birmingham? You can be bleak – but also be optimistic.

If all citizens are well fed…..

If all citizens are well fed does that mean there are no more food banks? Or have we progressed to different kind of supply, like social supermarkets where everything is sold at cost but you have to qualify to shop there? 

Or have we learned to eat differently? Are we looking at food differently. Has our diet changed

If the root cause of Food Poverty is Poverty – what has happened to the money making system for us all to be well fed? Is food profit a factor anymore.Or are we incentivising healthy eating?

There will always be rich and poor, There will always be be people that have more , and people that have less, but poor is different to poverty – So if we in the future have a combined local authority could they work on a policy to combat the observable symptoms of poverty ie Food Poverty.

If in 10 years time the biggest growth is in e-learning – so conventional schools don’t exist – how do people that rely on school meals eat? What does society look like when we take charge of feeding students – do temples and churches turn into canteens.

ALSO  if we encourage e-learning could we use that as a platform to inform and teach values? – But that raises the question why aren’t we just learning now in via conventional/traditional methods?


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