A different society?

If food poverty is just a symptom of poverty and we measure most things in terms of Economic Growth – What would happen if we manage and measure things differently – with different metrics?

What if we didn’t measure success as the amount of people in work or money earned but instead we measure the value we’ve added to society – bringing people out of poverty?

If that’s our vision what should we Stop Doing, Start Doing and Continue Doing?


Silo management
Short term-ism
dependency culture


Collaboration and partnership working
Joined up thinking
Co-production of things
Restore peoples dignity – not demonizing people that need support
Take a 10 year minimum long term perspective
Invite diversity
Self sufficient, self reliant models (eg social supermarkets)
Engage with politicians, get them to take responsibility and hold them to account
Recognize common issues to mobilse people, organisation and business to make a difference – driven around projects


Develop further innovation
Network – continue to invite a diverse range of people to contribute
Influencing the policy makers

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