Does economic growth = reduced food poverty?

What will the food poverty situation be like in Birmingham in May 2025? Is Birmingham set for a golden decade – and will this have a big impact on food poverty in the city?

One attendee was very positive about the future of the city.

  • HS2 is due to be running in 2026, which may have large benefits for the Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham region
  • There will be more jobs (HSBC moving UK HQ to Birmingham from London)
  • Large investments being made in the city
  • Universities are one of the main drivers of investment in cities – and Birmingham’s are booming
  • Tourism sector is a huge draw – three million visitors for the Christmas market

The city will get significantly richer, according to this view of things, and the opportunity is there for food poverty to decline – but will this happen?

Is it a guarantee that if the economic situation improves, then food poverty will be reduced alongside?

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