The role of education in addressing #foodpoverty

Should people be taught how to eat healthily, and how to spend their money?

Are these kind of skills part of the solution of reducing food poverty?

Some views in the group that there’s a paternalism to it, a middle class bias, that won’t help.

But there was a positive example from Emma Schoolar from the Trussell Trust.

The Trussell Trust, a charity that supports local communities to run food banks where there is a need, has piloted an ‘Eat Well Spend Less’ course for people on long-term low incomes.

The course was piloted in Salisbury recently and funding has been received to spread further.

Emma said the pilot went really well in Salisbury. Recipe cards, ideas and classes are all part of the initiative.

Organisations running food banks are going to start offering this course. It’s going to be an addition to the food banks – no compulsory need for people to do the course.

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