What needs to be done to make a healthy eating Birmingham in 2025?

Lincolnshire_croppedIt’s the carrot and the stick with some things to entice people and some people to stop them.

A session at the Birmingham Food Group spent time thinking of what needs to be changed.

Stopping? We wouldn’t allow fizzy drinks to be sold

We have housing developers in our sights. We wouldn’t allow homes to be built unless they had mini reservoirs to conserve water.

We wouldn’t let developers build unless there was good open space and we’d make sure that planners had to consider health before they approved a planning application.

We’d encourage community orchards and places where people could grow things and pick things that could be grown.

We’d ban diesel cars and we’d make healthy food cheaper.


We’d redirect subsidies towards healthy foods.

We’d like to encourage communities to run competitions around civic pride. Gardening. Flower and produce shows and competitions for streets and for individuals. Would the house with the broken down car be shamed into tidying up? Some, maybe.

It’s a long list. How could we do it? Devolution of powers to Birmingham could be a start.

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