What would a healthy Birmingham in 2025 look like?

IMAG2190The Greeks invented Utopian thinking whereby people would imagine what the world around you could look like.

In the West Midlands, the Birmingham Food Group imagined what 2025 may look like and all the people are well fed.

What would that look like?

A mix of a green ‘Back to the Future’ and the fairer elements of 2015 society flourishing.

  • A good minimum wage.
  • Free Primary school meals.
  • Vertical allotments to make use of space.
  • New houses would have dining rooms.
  • Cookery would be a social pursuit that groups of people would enjoy – families even.
  • There would be more energy and investment in the arts and family life and more creativity.
  • There would be global production but hydroponic production in disused car parks.
  • There would be roof gardens so people could produce their own.
  • New houses, instead of having cramped kitchens with barely enough room for a cooker, mean that people can cook for pleasure not for function.
  • Better mental health would follow.
  • The argument for a well-fed society is a healthier society.
  • Our schools would prosper and our children would achieve better.
  • Healthier people would mean the NHS would be under less strain.
  • Farmers would be better paid.
  • Home cooking would be revered and celebrated.


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