Food & the city economy: Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities

Infodiagram_contentsWe’ve just published our second report on food and the city economy, Tensions, trade-offs and opportunities. Its contents page replicated above.

We use two new thinking tools to aid decision-makers in Birmingham. We think the city can become a global leader in tackling the economic and social challenges within the food sector — but only with a radical change in decision-making which, among other concerns, recognises the full costs of promoting unhealthy diets.

For a quick skim-read,take a glance at the first four pages. You might find Annex A about Coca-Cola has useful background info too; this is also published as a separate paper here.

As any radical change in strategy takes time, we’ve also suggested tactical actions that can be taken now. These are summarised in Annex B.

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