Whatever the scenario, food safety will really matter

You can find all the presentations here from #OurFoodFuture event hosted by the Food Standards Agency on 18th February.

All were interesting, perhaps none more so than Ladislav Miko talking about the scenarios they’ve been working on regarding EU food safety and nutrition in 2050.

The image above is from the first of four scenarios he talked about.

Their final report is here and actually contains nine scenarios. Take a look at the drivers for these nine scenarios and their related challenges in this table taken from page 11 of their report:

The nine scenarios

Notice that eight out of the nine scenarios have food safety as a ‘related challenge’.

A further justification, if any were needed, about why we’re undertaking projects on food safety and assurance, and why we’re seeking to help build a more robust food audit and food testing infrastructure, and integrate what we do here into a national framework.





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