What’s the secret to this? Children… and making healthy food easier

The first 1,000 days are the most important in your life, the meeting heard.

Nutrition for pregnant women is the first important step to better food.

But after that it’s the role of children that kept emerging as potential solutions.

Children need to learn cookery skills.

But they don’t need to be lured into takeaways on the way home.

But they could see food growing in open space across the city.

And they could learn from their parents who may buy fresh food given the chance.

But the trouble is selling fatty and salty food is highly profitable and is cheaper for many people.

What is facing Birmingham is the need for people to see poor food in the same light as drink driving or not wearing a seat belt.

But as one member of the audience said: “It wasn’t putting diseased organs on cigarette packets that made people stop. It just became more difficult to smoke.”

Right now, it’s easier to eat badly than healthily.


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