Challenges, risks and opportunities in the food sector

On 3rd October 2017, we’re bringing together a group of some 20 diverse specialists across the food sector to explore what the future might hold for the food sector.

They’ll be taking part in carefully facilitated conversations — over a meal, but of course!

Three experts will set the scene for the conversations. They are:

Our Board lead on the project knows the sector well. Insurance broker Jon Miller set up and leads the Agri Food Practice at JLT Specialty — so he’s a man who puts money where his mouth is when it comes to the future of food.

He’s leading our planning to make the whole shebang hugely enjoyable as well as garnering info and perspectives that we can spread far and wide.

There’s not only careful design and facilitation of the dinner event itself going on, afterwards there’ll also be careful analysis of the conversations and other outputs from it, and lots (and lots) of thinking and writing about What It All Means, and for whom.







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