Horizon Scanning: Three horizons taking us all the way to 2050 for #foodfuturess

Mapping The Three Horizons.

Jon Miller invites participants to contribute to a Horizon Scanning exercise, prior to the first speaker…. This will be added to at the end of the discussion sessions.

Thinking of your role/organisation;

  1. What is your biggest challenge?
  2. The biggest Future Risk?
  3. Greatest Opportunity?

Horizon Scanning: short-term, 3 – 5 years (i.e. 2021-2024)


Biggest Challenge: BREXIT  /

Impact of Brexit on Employment skills and currency /

Political uncertainty /

Lack of current investment for the impact of global threats in 2030 /

Currency Fluctuations /

Finding People willing to work in the Food Industry /

Opportunity: growing customer interest in quality products /

Changing consumer preferences /

Greatest Opportunity ; Technological innovations /

Horizon Scanning: mid-term 6 – 12 years ( > 2030)

Free movement of goods around the world /

Growing population /

Climate Change /

Changing patterns of consumption /Popu;action pressures and resource depletion

Horizon Scanning:  long-term (2030-2050)

Biggest challenge: Fresh Water /

Opportunity: New markets for renewable energy and environmental goods and services /

Risk: Govt. “Healthy Living” Legislation

Biggest Risk: WWIII becomes the fight for water

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