Highbury Hall: #Graffeati Live

Look out for graffiti artist Panda creating a work of art in the moment at the Kings Health Dining Club event at Highbury Hall on Sunday 1st July

Commissioned by us to get over the message #KnowWhatYouEat, Panda will be painting a huge artwork, #GRAFFEATI.

And there will be lots of opportunities for kids to join him in making this #GRAFFEATI a feast for your eyes.

Why have we commissioned this?

It’s part of our Narrativium programme of activities, using the arts to communicate serious messages about the food system to the general public.

In this instance, as with the food crime musical, The Hand That Feeds, the purpose of #graffeati is get hard-nosed info about food adulteration and food crime (think horse-meat scandal) to a wider public.

The short video below begins with the opening of the world premiere of the musical which happened in Birmingham Bullring one sunny Saturday afternoon in May 2016. The music then fades to two people being interviewed about why the musical, as all our Narrativium projects:

P.S. No, I’m not sorry about the puns. At all. Food for thought and all.

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