Update on our projects and other activities

Here’s the latest summary of the activities we’re doing:

This link is to a PDF version which has links relevant info on this website. (note: Not all items are linked to a page.)

Those of you who’ve seen earlier versions of this info-graphic will notice that we’ve changed our focus somewhat. We’re still engaged on food safety, assurance and integrity matters, also food sector economics. We have, however, broken down our work on food security issues into three categories:

  1. Food instability: is about the impact of threats on the food system.
  2. Food system strategies: are about how we here at a city level can respond to these threats.
  3. Food supply scenarios: We’re investing time and energy in devising ways to explore future scenarios, as well as report on work to date.

And, as before, we’re devising imaginative ways to communicate what we talking about through a series of Narrativium projects.

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