Annual Report: Timely and pertinent work

“Both the course of events within the UK over a possible Brexit, and the troubling forecasts about climate change, resource depletion and population pressures mean the work described over the next few pages is even more timely and pertinent that we had supposed when we embarked upon it.”

Those are the words we used to introduce the work describe our Annual Report 2018-19, now on-line here.

A mere six, illustrated pages provide:

  1. A brief introduction, part-quoted above (page 1)
  2. A retrospective of our work over the five years since our incorporation as a CIC in 2014 (page 2).
  3. The “blind-side threat” to our food supply system, and what we need do to tackle the scale of drug food manufacture and promotion (page 3)
  4. State, city, community, individual responses? Strategies, policies and roles at different levels of society (page 4)
  5. “The Game” Food system fragilities and instabilities: Testing resilience planning against food supply risk scenarios (page 5)
  6. The final page lists some of the people involved, our Board of Directors (to which three new members joined this September) and our Panel of Experts, to which we welcomed Professor Sarah Gurr this time last year (page 6)


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