National Food Strategy: The supporting blogposts

The blogposts written during the process of compiling our submission to the Call for Evidence for the National Food Strategy are listed here in reverse order:

#20: A Public Inquiry led by a senior Judge

#19: Rights, responsibilities, principles and an elephant

#18: The price of plums and other social exchanges

#17: A statutory funding body

#16: A UK Food Security Institute

#15: Drug foods and their specific risks to the food supply system

#14: Risk categorisation

#13: A local level strategy?

#12: Local risk and resilience

#11: City level responses to food insecurity

#10: The space between farm gate and food outlet

#9: Three scenarios and their risks to the supply chain

#8: Supply chain permutations are endless

#7: A simplified fresh produce supply chain map

#6: UK resilience to global risks to food supplies

#5: Global risks to UK food supplies

#4: The irreconcilables

#3:  The global competition for safe, nutritious food

#2: Responsibility, resilience and ethics

#1: The brief

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