Future System Shocks: A thought experiment about buffer food stocks

Our latest report UK preparedness for future system shocks is a thought experiment.

It puts forward a proposition for buffer contingency stocks of nutrient-dense produce as part of of the UK’s resilience to future food system shocks. It covers:

  • The UK food system: Building resilience
  • Learning from Covid-19 unpreparedness
  • Buffer contingency stocks: How the system could work
  • What stocks to choose, what not to choose and why
  • Resourcing food system resilience: Trust, governance, economics and the value of life.


The thought experiment
We’re now running a series of virtual mini-workshops  to test the proposition, the first of which took place on 5th August, and we’re planning two more before the end of the month.

Is our proposition feasible? Our discussions so far with people with diverse professional backgrounds within the sector would indicate that it is.

  • A well-managed buffer contingency stock system would make the UK better prepared for future system shocks. 
    • And if the proposition is not feasible, what would be?


This earlier blogpost provides more information about this work, and its the context.

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