Our Response to an IPPR Call for Evidence: Food and the recovery of nature, communities and livelihoods

Our Response to this IPPR Call for Evidence, submitted to them last week, is also published on-line here.

As we say in it, our scenarios exercise over the summer was timely in regard to their Call (on-line here).

(This exercise was about how the UK  could be better prepared for future food shocks through putting in place buffer contingency food stocks; see this report One Scenario: Buffer contingency food stocks.)

In our Call, we explain how the actuality of setting up such a buffer stock system would radically shift the burden of today’s system to better meet both human and planetary health.

Section 4 of our Response to this Call is about the parameters of State and corporate responsibility.

It explains how the onus for change lies not within the sector, nor with individual behaviour change, but on socio-political decision-makers having the courage and foresight to change the parameters of engagement for the players in the system.

And yes, we do outline what those parameters are and how they can be changed in section 5 through our specific responses the seven kinds of policies and policy approaches asked for in the IPPR Call.

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