A core, perhaps surprising role for local government and public health

This blogpost summarises the second of our brief papers in this series: Shining a light on the UK food supply system: The role of local government and public health.

Only the Government has the economic and policy levers to make the food supply system be more robust in the face of system shocks.

  • What local government has is arguably as important. Along with local public health intelligence, they have data.

This data, if judiciously analysed, can be used to signal potential food supply shocks as well as provide information for local risk and resilience planning. In the paper, we indicate:

  • What the relevant local data is, where it resides and who has access to it
  • What the threats are to our food supplies, and why disruptions to them will occur with increasing severity and frequency
  • Why the UK must be better prepared for future shocks.

And finally:

  • The role of local intelligence in national preparedness for future food system shocks.



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