About the food system in 2024-30: How smart were our predictions in 2017?

As part of our retrospective on our 2017 horizon scanning project, this is our second of three blogposts, about how project participants saw the key drivers, threats and opportunities for food system in 2024-30, then seven years away, now less than three.

We developed The Game and other scenarios work as a direct result of the frightening perspectives of the future we saw back in 2017. As I said in the first blogpost, reality looks set to be more threatening, and sooner than we supposed back then.

Take a look at the table below, summarising how our participants and other informants saw 2024-30. Ask yourself, what is here already?

What else would you amend or add in the light of what’s happened in the last three to four years?


The previous blogpost was about our predictions for 2021-23.

The next blogpost is about our predictions for 2030-2050.

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