Diet and Taxes: A brief talk for Aston Law School

This is a 6-minute talk Kate Cooper gave to post-grads on an ethics module at Aston Law School in September 2020.


For an updated account on this subject (1), listen in to this podcast clip below, where Kate argues corporates that make and promote the drug-foods should not be part of the food system, but treated as we do tobacco companies; see also footnote (2).


(1)  Added on 25th January 2022.

(2) Professor Jim Parle, Professor John Middleton and Kate compiled this BMJ Rapid Response It is time to act against drug-foods, for the health of the population and the planet. We define what the drug-foods are, the means to identify the corporations that make and promote them, and make recommendations as to how their activities can be curbed.
note: The authors have just had a peer-reviewed paper on this subject accepted by the Journal of Public Health, publication likely in their next quarterly issue, March 2022.


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