Making a Meal of It: Episode 2 Locust bean gum . . . David Roos of Aldi talking about risk in the food system

We spoke to David Roos as the Quality Assurance Director for UK and Ireland for Aldi, the UK’s 5th largest supermarket.

His role at Aldi UK covers pretty much everything we put in our mouths or on our skin.

 The questions on his mind: Is it safe? Where does it come from? Will it stay safe? What to do if something goes wrong?

So here he talks to the Birmingham Food Council about risk in the food system.

And we all talk of . . . hot buttered toast with raspberry jam and a cup of tea when I get home . . .  locust bean gum, ethylene oxide and ice cream . . .  take a cauliflower, you would think it’s simple product . . .  the detail is why it works . . . most things that most people believe about the food system are just wrong . . . !

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