Part 10: What huge numbers of organisations do

Although the food supply system touches our lives everyday, we see only a minute part of the huge operation it takes to feed us.

As a way of seeing a fuller picture, it’s useful to think of the function of the many millions of organisations and people operating in the food supply landscape.

This brief video shows you a map of these functions. (1) (2)

It will help you, I hope, to ‘see’ this landscape differently, so ‘see’ aspects of our food supply system you’ve probably never thought of before:

I show how this function map can be used in the next blogpost.


(1) This version of the function map is slightly different from the slide build in my presentation to the Lunar Society.
I used the widescreen version of Keynote as it’s better for videos. It also allows a tad more information there. In addition, I changed the order of some of the functions as that seemed a better fit with the words I used in making the track.

(2) You can find a info-graphic version of the function map here.


This blogpost is the tenth in the series in the Lunar Society series, others listed in this link: Food security: Is the UK already in crisis?.

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