What does Tim Spector eat in a day?

This short video shows what Tim Spector (1) (2) ate one day. For sure, it highlighted what a healthy diet is — and slayed a few myths about it too.*

My rough calculation is that the meals he shows us cost would cost over £40 a week — and that’s without any meat.

Let’s say £40/week. That’s £173.33 per month.

Compare that with Universal Credit rates of £257.33 per month for singles under 25s (i.e. Tim’s diet would take up 67%), and £324.84 per month for singles over 25 (i.e. 53%).

And fwiw: I eat quite a lot more of a similar diet than Tim does.


*Including the notion that fat is bad for you. Full fat yogurt for him!
Also that fermented foods are good for your gut biome, also (new ones for me) so are virgin olive oils and ground coffee.


(1) I’ve mentioned Tim Spector’s book, Spoon-fed: Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong several times, notably in relation to our assessment of the National Food Strategy, see footnote 3.
Also in section 3 of this post: Calorie counting doesn’t add up.

(2) The BMJ published this Rapid Response to a BMJ article by Tim and his colleague, Dr Christopher Gardner by Professors Jim Parle and John Middleton, along with yours truly.
note: Our fuller, peer-reviewed article on the same topic has been accepted by the Journal of Public Health, so should be published either this month or in their June issue.

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