How this Brexit is putting our food supplies at risk

This Brexit poses grave threats to our food supplies. And we can catalogue them:

  • Yorkshire Bylines have been compiling a Davis Downside Dossier since this Brexit came into effect at midnight on 31st December 2020.
    • Recently, I’ve begun to tweet those relevant to our food supplies; the thread is here.
    • Yesterday, I noted that 72% of recent entries were about food supplies; i.e. the major impact of this Brexit is on UK food security.
  • As I tweeted on 30th May, Daniel Keleman (@rdanielkeleman) catalogied 1000 #BrexitReality stories. Nine out of first ten were about food supply problems, and of the last ten, seven out of ten (on 3rd October 2021) were about food supply problems.

Remember, the EU27 offered to delay the transition because of the pandemic. And the UK Government refused to accept this.

In July 2021, the National Food Strategy Plan evinced no comment at all about Brexit and its threats to UK food security, let alone how to mitigate the effects of this Brexit which by then were all too obvious; see #criterion 4 in this blogpost summary of our response to the plan.


All of the above is happening in addition to the already scary threats affecting our food supplies:



It’s not as though the May and Johnson governments weren’t warned of what would happen with a hard Brexit. They had many warnings, including those in this list of publications we compiled from 2016 through to November 2019.

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