A preliminary analysis of the Government food strategy

Our first take on the Government food strategy is here.

Although the White Paper doesn’t have a statement about the aim of its food strategy, we decided to begin the analysis with an exploration of what it said, if anything, about five key words in the Rome Declaration definition of food security (access, sufficient, supplies, safe, nutritious).

We then went on to list what it said about their own responsibilities as the Government. This list takes up three and half (of five) pages.

It gives their take (or their silence) on  trade, FTAs, Brexit, regulation, enforcement, curbing/controlling corporations, standard-rate VAT, other fiscal measures, labour issues, wages & social support, evidence and investment.

There is much they are silent about. Food safety, assurance and integrity for example. Nowt about preparedness. Or shortages and scarcities. Nor about how to curb corporate power. Nothing about fiscal measures.

We’ll be publishing more about it all soon.


The Government food strategy can be found here.


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