The Holocene has given way to the Anthropocene

The world has been a good place, climate-wise, for humans for the last 11,000 years, an epoch known as the Holocene. We’ve flourished.

The last 5,000 years has witnessed all our recorded history, civilisations rise and fall and human-made technologies enabling our domination of of substantial swathes of the planet. Such is our success, too, our population has risen from a few million to eight billion during the Holocene.

As we all know, this success has come at a price. The Holocene has given way to the Anthropocene.

The world has heated before, but never at the pace it’s heating up now:

Scroll down this image . . . on and on to the end:

Informative websites:
Natural History Museum, London.
Smithsonian Institution: The Age of Humans: Evolutionary perspectives on the Anthropocene

Hothouse Earth: An inhabitant’s guide by Professor Bill McGuire. Icon Books, 2022.
The Human Planet: How we created the Anthropocene by Professor Simon Lewis and Professor Mark Maslin. Pelican Books, 2018



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