Game Players: The value of Warwick Crop Centre experts on future food security challenges

note: The major output from this scenarios exercise is this report: UK food security into the Anthropocene.


“Fantastic workshop! I’d recommend it not only to peers, but to everyone involved in the food system. Brilliant!”

So said one of the Players at the end of the day we spent at the Warwick Crop Centre last week exploring future food security scenarios through playing The Game.

It was a hugely engaging, thought-provoking day, as you can see from these photos:

One of the Players said: “Excellent game! I felt very engaged in the subject matter and the pace was good. Very impressed by the quality of thinking on our table!”

Another said, “Great day, with excellent facilitation and participants.”

Plenty of chance to participate, and also good to discuss aspects where we disagreed or have uncertainty, as seen by the attention of the Players round this table:

We update the content every time we run The Game. So we were particularly pleased with these responses:

Well researched materials.” 

“It was was entertaining and informative.

_ _ _ _

In summary, we were greatly impressed by the engagement, the knowledge, the expertise and the sheer brainpower the these Players brought to The Game. 

Moreover, we learned so much about how to greatly improve UK food security, faced with the perils coming our way.

Thank you, Warwick Crop Centre Players!

_ _ _ _

We grateful to the Warwick University Global Research Priority Food Group for funding this important work:

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