Food shortages and scarcities are coming to the UK. This year.

Perhaps there is a dawning realisation that farmers depend upon favourable weather conditions to produce the food upon which we depend. The Telegraph, the Mail and the Guardian have warned of serious food shortages in the UK after the the wettest 18 months since records began.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that climate change affects food supplies. But it does, even to, perhaps especially to the rich and powerful.

There is a growing acceleration in climate breakdown, so we can expect food shortages and scarcities to increase. Possibly dramatically. As looks likely this year, here in the UK.

We import a lot of our nutrient-dense, fibrous fresh produce. Brexit-related costly trade barriers mean less is arriving, it’s more expensive and its safety questionable. If this year means significant cereal harvest failure, we won’t have sufficient calories as well as insufficient nutrients and fibre.

What of the longer term impacts of climate breakdown on these densely populated northern misty isles? And across the world?

What will this mean for the carrying capacity for people on this Earth? And, of grave concern, how are we going to get there?




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