The dawning of a much hotter epoch

Within the brief history (1) of homo sapiens, we’ve changed the very fabric of the planet.

This last year, the sum total of our activities to date have broken through six of the nine planetary boundaries scientists view as necessary to support human life:

  • Thus the 21st century challenges we’re facing are radically different from any we’ve experienced in humanity’s recorded history, all of which has occurred during the benign climate of the Holocene. This epoch is now rapidly giving way to a far hotter one, the Anthropocene.
  • We don’t have any viable plans for how we can all survive in this new epoch.
  • Upcoming generations, many already born, will learn what a new carrying capacity is for humans on this Earth — and the brutal means by which they are likely to be forced to get there.


see  our latest report: What is the carrying capacity for us on this Earth? And how are we going to get there?


(1) It seems probable that homo sapiens has been roaming on Earth some 300,000 years. All our recorded history, however, has happened only in the last 11,700 years ago; see time line below.

The Earth was formed some 4.5 billion years before we evolved as a separate species.

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