Join in-depth conversations about UK food supply risk and resilience

A new Government, new conversations. But, so far, nothing on how to build resilience into our food supply system despite the huge threats facing it.

And we are unprepared for what’s to come. (1)

This is naive risk management at best and fatally foolish at worst. (2)

To address this, we are running our immersive scenarios workshop on 10th October here in Birmingham — you can either book a place via eventbrite by clicking on the image below, or get in touch directly via emailing to hear about discounted prices:

(1)  See Our Note for the National Preparedness Commission. November 2023 — more than six months ago.

(2)   I quote the last sentence of Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios. Luke Kemp et al. PNAS, Vol 119, No 34. 2022

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